Monday, September 20, 2010

Economic Cloth Diapers - Cloth Diapers

Cost is a main consideration when you use disposable diapers for your child. The use of cloth diapers makes good sense from an economic perspective. Cloth diapers are less costly than disposables, even if you think about the cost of laundry and the time required for washing, drying and folding the cloth ones. In fact, the price of cloth can be recovered after only four months of disposable diaper purchases.

Ever more, consumers are stepping up the use of “green” products. As a result of using a cloth diaper you are not filling up landfills with non-organics and other man-made materials. Disposable diapers are slow to decompose, if at all, so they stay in the landfills for years.

It is also great not to be putting plastic and chemicals next to your baby’s skin. A cloth diaper can cut down on diaper inflammation. With the new diapers, there is downy cotton against baby’s skin.

A cotton diaper is more comfortable for the child and fits well. You can fold it to fit the size of the baby, so you won’t be dealing with leaks and messes. Safety pins fasten cloth garments, so it’s hard for your baby to unintentionally open the diaper.
Cloth diapers come in a lot of colors and designs, so there is no need to have pants on while at home. When you use fabric diapers you don’t need to worry about running out during the middle of the night or just as you are heading out the door. You can always have a clean supply on hand.

It has been shown that infants wearing wear cloth diapers are likely to be toilet-trained earlier than those who wear disposable diapers. It can happen earlier and with less fuss. Parents will enjoy the benefits to the environment, pocketbook and parenting.

Cloth Diapers