Sunday, August 29, 2010

5 Major Green Reasons For Cloth Diapers (Cloth Diapers)

Cloth Diapers

Do not be surprising. I would also like you at first. Why should switch back to cloth diapers disposable diapers, while many in the market and very easy to use? However, when using disposable diapers for years, when I "throw money" and "remove all the good" cloth diapers, I had the opportunity to use modern cloth diapers (CD) at the seventh child and now I can only say "if time could be rotating back and this modern cloth diapers there, all my other children do not have to wear disposable diapers. " Think, are you willing to wear clothes made from paper and plastic when you have the option of wearing beautiful fabrics, comfortable and durable? If you choose to wear clothing, why do not you darling? Think and act now to use cloth diapers. The advantages from modern cloth diapers are easy to use, safe and very economical.

There are many advantages of using cloth diapers. One of them is:

1. From the Triangle Health and Environmental Pollution

a) Disposable Diaper contain synthetic chemicals in it that dioxin resulting from the bleaching process of paper to get the paper looks white and clean. This is a toxic substance is carcinogenic that can cause cancer.

b) Disposable Diaper also contain sodium polyacrylate which absorbs liquid berfungi be turned into gel when wet. It can cause the skin to become red and baby rash. In the case of chronic allergies, it can cause vomiting, fever and infection. This material is no longer used tampons for women. Medical study found that cases of diaper rash increased in parallel with the increased use of disposable diapers. This is caused by bacteria that reacts with ammonia in the urine, allergies, heat and lack of ventilation due to use of disposable diapers that are too long.

c) Disposable Diaper is containing tributyl tin (TBT) is a highly toxic environmental pollutants. It can disrupt the hormonal and immune systems.

d) Disposable Diaper is also associated with asthma (asthma). One study conducted in Germany in 2000 found that disposable diapers raise the temperature of scrotum and could be a source rosaknya natural cooling mechanism. It can affect future fertility.

e) Soiled diapers disposable as well as damage and pollute the environment. Disposable diapers use more raw materials to produce, including trees that produce paper and chemicals to produce plastics. More than 27 million disposable diapers to the trash heap where in the world. A sheet of disposable diapers take 500 years to decay on its own.  Home with young children, disposable diapers contribute 50% of the total waste that is removed from the home. Disposable diapers will contaminate water and cause illness when accumulated by many in garbage heap.

Come along with me saving our earth by encouraging the use of cloth diapers. for the future, I'll delve into the advantages of cloth diapers in terms of money.

Cloth Diapers

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